PRI Circuits

Primary Rate Interface circuits (also known as PRIs) are the standard for providing telecommunications services to businesses and enterprises in an analog manner. A PRI line typically consists of up to 23 channels (lines) that transmits and receives a digital voice telephone services to and from business PBX devices at client sites. Due to the digital nature of a PRI line, the voice quality is far superior to a conventional analog telephone services. 

In addition, Gazelle offers enhanced "SIP PRI" services which deliver the same high quality PRI services to your businesses PBX device over SIP channels. This is achieved through purpose built SIP to PRI conversion devices, delivering the same PRI service your PBX is accustomed to, typically at a fraction of the price.

Gazelle's PRI services can be provided coast-to-coast across Canada and with every major (and almost all local) incumbent telephone service carriers through unique partnerships. They provide strong, trustworthy connectivity between your site and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

Features & Benefits of Gazelle's PRI Services

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Steadfast & Reliable

PRI circuits are one of the most reliable telecommunications channels your business can utilize. You can't afford downtime.
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Clear Connection

Crisp, clear and consice each and every time. PRI circuits deliver digital voice all the way to the client premesis.
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National Coverage

From coast to coast, Gazelle's unique partnerships have you covered, regardless of where your business resides.

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Consolidate Your Services

No longer will you be required to sort through a multiple carriers, bills and track all of your expenses across multiple vendors. Gazelle's services not only save you money, but consolidate your bill.

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Quick & Easy Changes

There's no need for complicated changes. Switching to Gazelle's services is as simple as providing us some basic details about your existing service and we can complete your change-over in a matter of days.

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Cost Savings Over Incumbent Carriers

Gazelle's pricing structure on PRI services is able to provide cheaper billing for identical services in over 98% of areas across Canada. Our unique partnerships allow us to leverage cost savings for your business.