xDSL Connectivity Services

Gazelle offers a wide host of business and enterprise grade xDSL services across Canada and the USA through strategic partnerships with local providers throughout each country. ADSL / VDSL services are provided over conventional copper phone lines, allowing services to reach even extremely remote areas where other forms of connectivity would not typically be available. DSL services can be provided on conventional phone lines (wet loops) or without standard analog phone service (dry loops). 

Although conventional "Direct Internet Access" xDSL services offer basic connectivity, Gazelle's flexible network design allows for many enhanced services to be added into our DSL circuits with ease. Additional IP blocks can be attached to many DSL circuits in a matter of minutes for additional flexibility, but more importantly, private virtual MPLS networks can be deployed in days providing private, direct connectivity between sites without the need for a complex MPLS deployment, VPN tunnels or extreme costs. Read more about our private network deployments and how they can dramatically benefit your business.


One of the critical advantages of Gazelle's VDSL network is reach. Wherever you are in North America, Gazelle is able to provide services. This is achieved through direct connections with the regional carriers, unifying the networks under one roof. Traffic is aggregated towards Gazelle's enterprise core network. In areas where direct connections with carriers are not possible, private tunnels can be built to expand direct connectivity to the end points at each one of your locations.

This provides the value add of having a single point of contact for all of your telecommunications. There is a single helpdesk, customer service, & network. No longer are you required to keep a rolodex of contacts. One point of contact, and one bill. Simplied.


Benefits Of xDSL

  • On-Net services for flexibility and Private Networks
  • High speed broadband at economical prices
  • High speed backup for Primary Fiber connectivity
  • Quick installation & ease of upgrading services
  • Complimentary Static IP with all connections

Consider Other Services For : 

  • Mission critical services
  • Hosting servers (Mail / Web / Citrix)
  • Large office environments (25+ Users)
  • Where a high bandiwdth is required


gzl networkoperationsYour network & communications are mission critical. Gazelle proudly employs a team of acutely trained network engineers & technical services agents to assist you 24/7/365 to ensure your systems are running at optimal levels. 100% based in our Toronto, Canada office, we believe in leveraging the skills and assets of professionals that are based locally. When you need assistance, time is of the essence. Gazelle's technical service analysts & network engineers are ready.