SD-WAN Services

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (better known as SD-WAN) is the latest technology innovation to come to the world of networking. Through the use of SD-WAN, Gazelle is able to provide clients flexability, resilliancy, and features previously not available. Effectively, SD-WAN allows clients to dynamically route their connectivity over 2 or more circuits quickly and easily though the use of a SD-WAN capable router.

Gazelle offers SD-WAN services through the use of Fortinet enterprise class networking equipment using FortiOS 5.6.2 and above with advanced functionality now available in FortiOS 6.0.

FortiOS SDWANFortiGate FortiOS 6.0 SD-WAN Demo

Learn more on how the FortiOS 6.0 can provide SD-WAN capabilities on a Fortigate device for greater application visibility & application steering to proiritize business application performance.


 Features & Benefits of Gazelle SD-WAN

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Application aware supporting a broad range of over 3000 applications with granular visibility into sub-applications
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Path awareness intelligence to monitor application-level transactions, and dynamically route to the best available path
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Single pane-of-glass management simplifies deployment, management and monitoring of your SD-WAN devices
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Reduced complexity and expenses by combining enterprise grade SD-WAN and a Next-Generation Firewall on a single appliance
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Improved cloud application performance by prioritizing business critical applications and enabling sites to directly communicate to the Intetnet
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Reduce operating expenses by migrating from expensive link structures to ultilizing multi-broadband links such as xDSL, Coax, LTE and Fiber


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