LTE Wireless Connectivity Services

LTE Wireless connectivity provides extended flexibility for a wide range of uses where conventional connectivity services may not be available, or can act as a robust and reliable backup connectivity solution at economical prices and a "pay as you play" type of billing. Gazelle's wireless reach extends across Canada utilizing both the Rogers and Telus wireless networks capable of speeds up to 35 mbps. 

Gazelle's wireless connectivity provides direct Internet connectivity with either a static publicly routable WAN IP address (additional costs apply) or through carrier-grade NAT. In more advanced applications, Gazelle can provide direct APN's to connect back into Gazelle's private network infrastructure for additional security and to avoid using IPSec VPN tunnels for your private network requirements. As a value add, Gazelle's flexible network design provides a unique opportunity to use our "IP Continuity" services. Should your primary connectivity services become unresponsive, your IP block(s) will automatically route to your LTE backup connectivity, providing continuous connectivity for your critical services. This is especially helpful when hosting "must-be-up" services such as mail or a VPN endpoint that requires static IP reach.

Benefits Of LTE Connectivity

  • Low cost and economical connectivity
  • Change rate plans on the fly for cost savings
  • Rapid same-day deployment
  • The largest service area of all connectivity types
  • Ideal for temporary or mobile requirements

Consider Other Services For : 

  • Large office environments
  • Primary connectivity where wireline services are available
  • Hosting services (Mail / Web / Citrix / etc)
  • Mission critical services

Rate Plans & Flexibility

Your needs are fluid and change from month to month. Gazelle understands your business needs and nothing is worse than paying for services you aren't using. We have built in extreme flexibility into our wireless packages to ensure you're on the most optimal rate plan possible, each and every month. For all primary connectivity needs, Gazelle's custom built automation will change your rate plan to fall within your usage each month. For example, if you use 1.6Gb of data in month 1, you will be billed for the 2GB plan. In the next billing cycle if you only use 400Mb, you'll be billed on the 500Mb plan. This ensures there are never costly overage charges! Gazelle charges you for only what you use, so there's never a question of "how much data do we expect to need". It's simple. Fair billing. Excellent service.

National Coverage Areas

Please use the links below to view the network coverage areas for services on both the Rogers and Telus networks. While almost all areas are covered by both carriers, some nuances do apply in more rural areas of the country. These respective maps should assist in finding the correct network for your needs. Gazelle is able to provide connectivity on both networks at industry leading LTE wireless rates.

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gzl networkoperationsYour network & communications are mission critical. Gazelle proudly employs a team of acutely trained network engineers & technical services agents to assist you 24/7/365 to ensure your systems are running at optimal levels. 100% based in our Toronto, Canada office, we believe in leveraging the skills and assets of professionals that are based locally. When you need assistance, time is of the essence. Gazelle's technical service analysts & network engineers are ready.