Data Services

Gazelle's data network is purpose built with resilliancy and flexibility in mind. While many carriers will drive you towards their standard offerings, Gazelle prides itself in offering solutions that are cost-effective, scalable, customized and secure for your business. Through Gazelle's unique partnerships across Canada, we are able to provide services where many carriers simply can't reach. Effectively, if the address is servicable, Gazelle can provide connectivity.

Couple Gazelle's nationwide network with our customized addon services such as private networking, managed VPN services, SD-WAN and our 100% Canadian support & customer service.


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Coax Connectivity

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xDSL Connectivity

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Fiber Connectivity

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LTE Connectivity

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Private Networking

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SD-WAN Services


gzl networkoperationsYour network & communications are mission critical. Gazelle proudly employs a team of acutely trained network engineers & technical services agents to assist you 24/7/365 to ensure your systems are running at optimal levels. 100% based in our Toronto, Canada office, we believe in leveraging the skills and assets of professionals that are based locally. When you need assistance, time is of the essence. Gazelle's technical service analysts & network engineers are ready.