Universal Call Blocking

Here’s everything you need to know about Universal Call Blocking and how it will impact you, including protecting you from unsafe calls. On December 18th 2018, the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) mandated that all Canadian carriers & telecommunications providers implement universal network-level call blocking where the caller identification purports to originate from telephone number that do not conform to established numbering plans.

Gazelle is committed to providing our clients with secure, reliable and enterprise grade telecommunications services. We celebrate this mandate from the CRTC as it will allow all Canadians to receive a higher grade of telephony service nationwide. We have answered a variety of the most common questions concerning UCB, or Universal Call Blocking below:

What is Universal Call Blocking (UCB)?
Universal Call Blocking is a CRTC mandate (CRTC decision 2018-484) to block all incoming voice calls that have malformed calling line ID information. This applies to all Canadian service providers. Malformed calling line ID information contains telephone numbers that do not comply with North American or International numbering plans.