About Us

Gazelle was founded in 2003 with a goal to meet the growing demand for telephone and internet services by small and medium sized enterprise business. Originally founded as a fully faceted managed services company, Gazelle's roots are focused on providing a white-glove style approach to all clients adopting a business philosophy that takes a proactive attitude in providing service and support to our customers. Forming partnerships with clients to design and execute technology solutions to suit their individual needs is the primary goal while aiming every interaction to assist clients in reducing down-time and increasing their bottom line. Gazelle prides itself in providing the highest quality service with experienced IT professionals who are ready to help 24/7. 

151FrontIn its early days, Gazelle focused on building its privately owned network infrastructure while servicing the Greater Toronto Area. As clients needs expanded, so did Gazelle's offerings and service areas. The introduction of connectivity services opened the door to Gazelle becoming a full service ISP (Internet Service Provider) and with the acquisition of a MetaSwitch carrier grade and cloud based PBX, digital voice services became a pillar of Gazelle's suite. With an ever-growing team, Gazelle now services clients worldwide through strategic partnerships and unique channels.

In 2018, Gazelle pivoted with major changes in the Canadian ISP industry. As the divide between personalized Canadian based local service and corporate ownership has increased, Gazelle's focus is more than ever on providing an experience for their clients that assures them the people responsible for their voice & data networks are accessible, and they will always receive the same quality and levels of service on each interaction. Major expansions in Gazelle's network footprint have seen the addition of over 5 new service areas to now include over 1,000,000 accessible fiber endpoints in Canada and tens of thousands of On-Net centers worldwide at nearly every major fiber hub. 


Our Clients Trust Us With Their Network

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