Hosted PBX

Hosted Voice is a cloud-based phone system that makes your employees more productive and your business run smoother. It delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system without the hassle of managing and maintaining a PBX. With Hosted Voice, you’ll get powerful features such as auto attendant, unified messaging, find-me follow-me, and call center functions. Best of all, the low-up front and monthly cost won’t break the bank.

Features & Benefits of Gazelle's HPBX

icon lowcosts

Low up-front costs &
predictable monthly expenses

With hosted voice, there are no suprises. You pay for only what you need.
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Focus on your business,
not your phone system

No premises-based equipment to install, maintain or occupy valuable space.
icon mobile

Integrate your mobile
device, laptop, or tablet

Make and receive calls anywhere you have an Internet connection!
icon reliable

An end-to-end secure
& reliable solution

Gazelle provides a high quality, carrier grade, reliable solution over our fully managed network.
icon leverage

Leverage technology

Flexible infrastrure allows your telecommunications to grow as your business grows. Feature upgrades are done in the network, seamlessly.
icon managment

Easy Management & Administration

Adjust users, and easily control your hosted voice solution from any web browser. Quickly and easily modify your phone system in just a few clicks.


gzl networkoperationsYour network & communications are mission critical. Gazelle proudly employs a team of acutely trained network engineers & technical services agents to assist you 24/7/365 to ensure your systems are running at optimal levels. 100% based in our Toronto, Canada office, we believe in leveraging the skills and assets of professionals that are based locally. When you need assistance, time is of the essence. Gazelle's technical service analysts & network engineers are ready.